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• Highest birth rate in Europe


• Highest percentage of women working outside the home


• One of the best countries in the world in which to live.


• Iceland boasts the world's oldest functioning legislative assembly, the Althingi, established in 930.

Iceland is considered geologically active, with approximately 130 volcanic mountains, about 30 of which are still active today.Currently, one volcanic eruption occurs every four to five years, on average. As a result, several parts of Iceland are covered in lava fields


• Unemployment rate as of March 2016 was 3.8%


• A study reported in the Guardian in 2006, that Icelanders are the happiest people on earth. 


• It is the country with the sixth highest GDP per capita in the world; where people buy the most books; where life expectancy for men is the highest in the world, and not far behind for women; it's the only country in Nato with no armed forces (they were banned 700 years ago); the highest ratio of mobile telephones to population; the fastest-expanding banking system in the world; rocketing export business; crystal-pure air; hot water delivered to all Icelandic households straight from the earth's volcanic bowels; number one consumers of Coca Cola products per capita;  

Proportion of women as managers and chairmen of the board in 2015 was 21.9% and 24.1%, respectively.


• Strategically located between Greenland and Europe; westernmost European country; Reykjavik is the northernmost national capital in the world; more land covered by glaciers than in all of continental Europe


• Þingvellir (pronounced "Thingvellir"), Iceland, is one of only a few destinations across the globe where you can easily see two tectonic plates drifting apart above sea level.


• Much of the Icelandic population believes in huldufólk (hidden people). Many subscribe to the belief that huldufólk, who can be best thought of as elves, exist and dwell among Icelanders. This belief has deep, strong roots that still show themselves in the present culture: In some cases, the construction of new businesses has been halted due to a fear that bulldozers might destroy an elvish home or community.


• The English word "geyser" comes from Iceland's Great Geysir in Haukadalur.


• Fun activities include : swimming in geothermal hot springs, a trek on the small but hardy Icelandic horse, salmon & trout fishing, eating the dairy product Skyr is one of the most popular foods in Iceland.

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